About the Author

Hi there, fellow citizen of the internet! Welcome. Here are a few things about me, just in case you should care to read them. My name is Tracey. I am 24 years old. I live in Minnesota, in a suburb of Minneapolis. I am studying Electronic Media Communication with an emphasis on audio production. In other words, I’m a radio student. I co-host “Get Off My Lawn,” a weekly radio program you can hear on The Remnant. I have two dogs, a 13-year-old aussie/malamute mix named Spot and a 1-year-old lab/bulldog mix name Worf. I am something of a nerd and a geek (in case having a dog named “Worf” didn’t give that away…)

I plan on pursuing a career in public radio (I actually just applied for an internship with Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! which would be a dream come true). You can find out more about my interest in radio and hear some of my productions on my portfolio website.